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Magnetic Metabolic Earrings

Magnetic Metabolic Earrings

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Summer Richards (30), Portland, Oregon

I can attest to the efficacy of these magnetic earrings for weight loss. I bought this and the package arrived on time. The earrings fit comfortably and after using it for a week for around 3 hours a day, I noticed less cravings. Week 2 and it helped reduce the bloating in my tummy without me doing any exercise. Amazing! Will continue wearing this regularly. Can’t wait to see more visible results! 


Ruby Pearson (37), Miami, Florida

This is a great product! Weeks of continued use helped suppress my late-night hunger, which contributed to my weight gain. Went from 169 lbs to 162 lbs in just three weeks. Very impressed with this product. It has given me more results than other weight loss products I’ve tried before. Will repurchase these earrings to give to my husband.


Edward Kaplan (29), Sydney, Australia

Bought his magnetic metabolic earrings to see if it really aids in weight loss. I have yet to see visible results. But after regularly using this for about two weeks, I noticed that I don’t reach for snacks as often as before. This has also improved the quality of my sleep. I haven’t had a peaceful sleep for a long time, until I wore these magnetic earrings. Wasn’t expecting to experience these benefits when I bought it. Thanks seller for this product! 


History & Early Application of Auricular Therapy

Auricular therapy, which involves acupuncture, acupressure, electroacupuncture, lasering, moxibustion, and bloodletting in the auricle or the visible part of the ear, has been used to treat certain health conditions for 2,500 years. The earliest methods were focused on cauterization and bloodletting.

In 1957, auricular acupuncture was introduced and used in clinical applications. This method of stimulating precise points in the visible part of the ear was used for pain relief and treatment of epilepsy, obesity, anxiety, and sleep problems.

There are over 200 acupuncture points in the ear. In 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) provided a standardized list of 39 auricular points, and 10 of those are used in auricular therapy. Some of these ear acupoints include shenmen, point zero, sympathetic, and kidney.


The Use of Magnetic Pressure on Acupoints in the Ear

This method of applying magnets on the skin and using the magnetic and electric fields to boost health and relieve pain has been proven effective by some clinical trials.

When a magnet is placed on the skin, the magnetic pressure relaxes the capillary walls, increasing blood flood and oxygenation. This process reduces prostaglandins, which, at high concentration, cause pain and inflammation. In theory, the magnet helps relieve muscle spasms and pain. Increased circulation is also the key to optimum health as it allows every organ to function efficiently.

According to the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, auricular therapy in conjunction with magnetic therapy promotes weight reduction and treats obesity and overweight in young adults.

When the vagus nerve in the ear is stimulated, it affects the insulin value, which influences the circulating levels of ghrelin. The study showed that the auricular acupunture supresses the production of ghrelin. Low levels of ghrelin reduce appetite, promoting weight loss.

In the clinical study, a group of Asian young adults who participated in the randomized controlled trial underwent weekly ear acupressure sessions for eight weeks. The study revealed that the participants who received ear acupressure with the Japanese Magnetic Pearl showed reduction in body weight, waist circumference, and waist to hip ratio.


The Use of 3 Advanced Technologies for Weight Loss & Health Benefits

The Magnetic Metabolic Earrings combine the use of magnetic ear acupressure with far-infrared aurisonic technology and negative ionization to promote safe and effective weight reduction and offer other health benefits such as increased metabolic rate and energy levels.


The earring is constructed with tourmaline, biomagnetic dark obsidian, and basaltic hematite, which naturally create magnetic pressure that stimulate ear acupoints. This could lead to reduced cravings and appetite, improved cardiovascular health, and increased blood flow.

The far-infrared aurisonic technology stimulates weight loss by increasing metabolic rate by 20% to 30%. The gentle far-Infrared pulsation from the magnetic earring helps accelerate the calorie- and fat-burning process.

The Magnetic Metabolic Earrings also contain negative ions, which produce biochemical reactions when they reach the bloodstream. These reactions increase the body’s level of serotonin, a mood-enhancing hormone. So, in addition to providing weight loss support, wearing this magnetic earring can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, relieve stress, increase energy level, and improve overall well-being.



  • Separate the magnetic earrings gently and put them at the ear lobe as your acupressure point. Make sure the front side is directly facing the backside to properly secure the device. No need to pierce your ear lobe as the device is magnetic.
  • Wear this at least 3 hours a day. Wear only 15 minutes each day for the first week and increase 15 minutes each week until you can wear it for 3 hours a day.
  • Use both hands to separate the earrings when you take them off. Do not drag the earrings during removal to avoid injuries.
  • Clean the earrings before and after use with a dry cloth. Avoid wetting the device.
  • Store in a cool and dry place when not in use. Do not share the product with others.


These earrings work through auricular therapy and magnetic pressure on acupoints to support safe and effective weight loss.

The Magnetic Metabolic Earrings have been proven to:

  • Feature the latest innovations that aid in weight loss
  • Speed up the basal metabolic rate
  • Suppress appetite
  • Improve circulation
  • Speed up the process of breaking down fats and calories
  • Support general cardiovascular health
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Increase energy level
  • Promote better sleep
  • Reduces stress

According to an article published by the BMJ Open Gastroenterology on the effects of auricular acupuncture on weight reduction, auricular acupuncture may reduce appetite by suppressing ghrelin production. The boost in leptin level and decrease in ghrelin level help speed up weight loss by suppressing hunger and reducing a person’s calorie intake.


Lauren Lane’s weight loss journey with the Magnetic Metabolic Earrings

I’m overweight, and my unhealthy lifestyle and prolonged hours of sitting in front of a computer contributed to my excess weight. I don’t have the time for longer, more intense gym sessions, so I tried bodyweight exercises at home but to no avail. I couldn’t seem to shed those excess points even if I go on a strict diet.

Week 1:

So I bought this magnetic earring on a whim, but was surprised at the immediate benefits I experienced from wearing this for a week! This curb my appetite in less than a week. I eat less but feel more energized.. I’m amazed.

Week 2:

In my second week of using the earring for 3 hours daily, I can feel my body flushing out the excess fluid, especially in my tummy area. From 190lbs, I am now down to 185 lbs.


Week 8:

After 8 weeks of wearing this metabolic earring, my body has slimmed down. This helped shed a total of 10 lbs in just 2 months! I lost weight but I felt a boost in my energy level. I'm so happy with the purchase. I'm definitely recommending this to my friends.


Product Specifications: 

  • Material: Magnet, Tourmaline, Dark Obsidian, Volcanic Rocks
  • Package Size: 9.5 x 7.5 x 2cm
  • Package Weight: 13g / 0.9oz


Package includes:

  • 1 pair x Magnetic Slimming Earrings
  • 2 pairs x Magnetic Slimming Earrings
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