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Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel

Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel

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What Our Customer Are Saying?

Sabrina is a 33 year old florist who manages her shop in Ohio. She said that this shower gel is of big help for her mother who has been in pain due to leg swelling and had seen a great difference after a month. The main reason why she personally decided to try it as well is because of her knee pain and she said that she felt better now and the pain is lessened

“My mother has been using it for pain in her legs for over a month now and she has seen a difference since she started using it. I too started using it for my knee and it's a little better. I do think that with constant usage of the product it will help lessen the pain.  I can now move around my flower shop without limping or feeling pained.I will use it regularly because I know it helps relieve aches and pains.”

Sabrina Bobson, 66, Columbus, Ohio


Savvy is a 28 year old athlete who just wanted a shower gel that can be easy on her skin pH level to get rid of several things that bothers her like excess fats, rashes, lumps etc. Fortunately this Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel does everything that she wants!  Lucky you Savvy!

“I wanted to switch to a pH balanced body wash after just having so many issues with dryness, rough patches, bumps, limps and even rashes. I used to use the dermalogica brand but $80 was too much. To be honest this doesn’t have much strong scent and I love it.. The organic smell is refreshingly nice but I really don’t care about the fragrance. I am an active athlete but I have some uneven body parts and this shower gel amazed me when it made my armpit fats disappear. Also I feel totally clean without destroying my skin’s barrier. Great product!”

Savvy Stylist, 48, Omaha, Nebraska


Do you know how our lymphatic system works?

Understanding the lymphatic system provides insights into the body’s profound ability to care for itself. Its functions are as follows:

  • Maintains fluid levels in your body
  • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract
  • Protects your body against foreign invaders
  • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph

What are the blockages that affect the lymphatic system?

Many conditions can affect the vessels, glands, and organs that make up the lymphatic system. Some happen during development before birth or during childhood. Others develop as a result of disease or injury. Some common and less common diseases and disorders of the lymphatic system include:

  • Lymphadenopathy - Enlarged (swollen) lymph nodes
  • Lymphedema - Swelling or accumulation of fluid 
  • Lymphoma - Cancers of the lymphatic system
  • Lymphangitis - Inflammation of the lymph vessels
  • Lymphocytosis - a condition in which there is a higher-than-normal amount of lymphocytes in the body.

    Lymph Cleanse Ingredients - Ginger, Calendula officinalis

    Keeping our lymphatic system or “drains” clean is critical to optimal health and longevity. The following herbs are highly recommended for natural lymphatic drainage.

    1. Ginger Root

    Ginger has a very long history of use in various forms of traditional and alternative medicine. It is effective in relieving swelling & pain by its warming and anti-inflammatory properties. Containing a healing blend of herbal oil for your lymphatic health, it boosts detoxification and the removal of excessive fluids.


    2. Calendula officinalis 

    Calendula has a wide variety of uses; it is mainly used for swollen lymph nodes, for cleansing body tissues, and for anti-inflammatory purposes.

    Herbalists finding it highly effective clinically for skin inflammation and infection, used both internally as a decoction and topically as a wash, steam, or fomentation. It is considered specific when there are swollen lymph nodes, and used internally, is considered to promote lymphatic circulation and drainage.


    3. Limonis Cortex

    Limonis extract serves as a source of citrus fragrance in various skin care products. It is characterized by rich amounts of antioxidants such as glutathione, ascorbic acid, and alpha-tocopherol, that can help fight against skin-damaging lipid peroxidation.  This function protects important structural molecules that are required for the upkeep of skin quality and integrity. 

    That's why we created Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel

    The Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel contains powerful lymph cleanse herbs which helps in body detox, significantly reduce swelling on lymph nodes and reduce 60% excess lymph fluid in consistent use for 3 months. The formulation of this soap is carefully planned to meet the needs of people who seek lymphatic cure for their body part swelling problems. 
    You can use it for bathing now and every day to keep your lymph draining well and prevent lymph clogs head on. The best thing about this ginger soap? It is all natural.


    What makes the Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel very effective?

    • Treats Inflammation and swelling on body parts
    • Reduces excess cellulites on armpits, arms and other extremities
    • Lymphatic Detoxification
    • Highly effective results
    • Smoothes and brightens skin’s texture and dark spots
    • Provides a refreshing after shower feeling
    • 100% Natural Ingredients
    • Safe for all skin types


    Let’s see Desiree’s road to recovery and how she was able to get a hold of her Lymphatic journey by using the Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel!

    “I was diagnosed with lymphedema and my arms are swollen because of the fluid retention that it has, so I decided to research about the entire lymphatic system and how I can find a cure that would not involve any medical procedures and I found this shower gel and decided to purchase it.

    WEEK 1

    After a week of using this shower gel I noticed that it has reduced the swelling of my arm a little and I am delighted about it.


    WEEK 4

    After a month, the pain subsided and I no longer felt the weight of the swelling so much, the blood circulation along the nerves had improved its flow and it made my discomfort much less.


    WEEK 8

    A very effective way to deal with fluid retention. My arms are now healing as time passes by and I just consistently use it during shower time twice a day in the morning and during night time and I put emphasis on the swollen area.


    WEEK 12

    At long last my arms are back to normal and I can say that this drainage shower gel is really good to use for people who suffer from lymphatic diseases. I will continue to use this so that I can maintain a good lymphatic system.

    Desiree Lambert, 55, Portland, Maine


    "This Herbal Shower Gel will surely make you surprised and save you tons of money!"

    We believe that this ginger soap is the safest lymphatic solution today in the market and the very reason why it is selling worldwide fast at this very moment!  The advantages of this Herbal Shower Gel is astonishing and can relieve you of the pain and discomfort of lymphatic system abnormalities without expensive procedures.

    No More skyhigh surgical operations and other expensive medical treatments, in which these surgeries most of the time can be very threatening to our body.

    Now is your chance! Hurry up and get a hold of this ginger soap now so you too can have the healing and wellness that this product provides.

    How To Use 

    1. Simply lather up an ample amount of the Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel 
    2. Apply it on your entire body, leave it on for 5-10 minutes then 
    3. Rinse well. 
    4. Use it daily, especially in the concerned area.



    • Ingredients: Ginger, Calendula Officinalis, Echinacea augustifolia, Limonis Cortex, Artemisia, Ginseng
    • Net 30ml




    Package Included:

    • Lymphatic Drainage Herbal Shower Gel (30ml) x 1


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