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Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet

Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet

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  1. Monitor your health with the power of magnets! The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet is a lifesaver!
  2. Health, style, and comfort in your wrist! The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet is a lifesaver!
  3. Improve heart health and blood circulation. The Heart  Rate Regulation Bracelet is a lifesaver!


The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet utilizes medical-grade metal on the inner nodes that comprise the sensors. These medical-grade metallic nodes help thin and detect anomalies in the bloodstream. According to a study by Temple University, magnets prevent life-threatening clots by thinning them down to ensure their seamless flow down from the largest aortas to the smallest capillaries. According to the study, the process of reducing blood viscosity would take a few hours. 


  • Prevents Blood Clots- The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet prevents life-threatening clots by thinning down the blood to maintain a seamless blood flow.
  • Reduces Blood Friction- The thinning of the blood causes less friction against the walls of the blood vessels, which helps prevent the feeling of irritation and reduces the possibility of rupture.
  • Wide Application- The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet is beneficial for people with cardiovascular and circulatory issues such as blood clots, thrombosis, people at risk for stroke and cardiac arrest, and other similar conditions.
  • Unisex- The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet boasts a uniform and/or monochrome color scheme that is both fashionable for men and women.
  • Safe- The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet is made from medical-grade metal for its inner sensory nodes and stainless steel that comprises the outer covering.
  • Multiple Color Options- The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet has seven color combinations/color options.
  • Durable- The Heart Rate Regulation Bracelet is made from stainless steel, which is durable to most scratches and can withstand harsh impacts. 


  • Thoroughly wash and dry your hands and wrist.
  • Make sure the small circular nodes are in contact with your skin while the smooth and plain plating is facing outwards.
  • Wear for as long as you want.
  • Make sure to remove the bracelet from time to time to let your skin breathe.
  • If the fit of the bracelet is loose, you can choose not to do the option above.
  • Do not wet the bracelet, take it off when washing your hands.
  • For external use only.


Ingredients: Steel

Audience: Unisex, Male, Female

Applicable Age: Adults

Color Options: Black, Gold between steel, Steel Color, Gold, Rose Gold, Blue Black Dot, Blue Black Red Dot


1X Heart  Rate Regulation Bracelet 


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