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WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch

WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch

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"Wormwood naturally detoxifies body and speeds up metabolism and digestion" - Dr.?E. Clarke

Wormwood is a natural herb that has been used for thousands of years as a traditional medicine. It helps produce digestive enzymes to speed up digestion and metabolism. Wormwood is packed with antioxidant, which is great for detoxifying your body and removing toxins. Combining all the benefits, our patches is a great remedy for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.?

Joana Royshere, 32?years old submitted her review?of?weight loss with WonderShape after 8 weeks of use. Let¡¯s see her story!
"My weight dropped from 190 lbs to 69 lbs and I lost 121 lbs in just 8 weeks with WonderShape. I had tried fad diets before, but obviously they didn't work. This time, I lost weight in a faster, easier way. I lost a lot of belly fat rolls in such a short time. Unbelievable results and I highly recommend this for people who struggle to lose weight.¡±

Joana R.
Austin, Texas

Dermatologists of American Enterprises approved these patches

American Enterprises with Cosmo Global Clinique Inc. have successfully developed the WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch. It is an innovative, safe, and fast-acting weight remedy. It eliminates excess fat, toxins buildup and flush them out of the body for a slimmer, healthier figure.
Dr.?Clarke, who is part of the product development, stated that wormwood is a powerful weight loss ingredient that stimulates the production of digestive enzymes (lipase, protase and amylases). These enzymes breaks down food and fat at a faster rate and allow the body to absorb the nutrients, which effectively aids weight loss and fat burn.

4 Key Main Ingredients for Weight Loss:

Wormwood -?Produce more digestive enzymes and speed up digestion and metabolism, helping to burn excess fat and shed weight. It is packed with anti-oxidants, which detoxifies the body and remove toxins that contribute to fat build-up.
Menthol -?Helps improve digestion, absorption of nutrients and boost metabolism

Camphor -?
Flushes out excess toxins that contributes to fat buildup.

Ginger -?Accelerate calorie burn. It also helps control insulin levels, stimulate metabolism while suppressing your appetite.?
Wondershape patches are made to achieve slimmer, healthier figure. It is safe to use on all body parts!
Let¡¯s see some of our happy customer¡¯s results:

¡°My cousin who is a personal trainer recommended WonderShape to me. WonderShape has really helped me out a lot during my weight loss journey. Now I¡¯ve lost over 70 pounds in just 8 weeks of using these patches! I can fit in my old clothes now and I feel confident and much healthier.¡± -? April J.
¡°I tried every weight loss product on the market and nothing seemed to help... till I tried Wondershape. After a week, my tummy went down and I can tell the difference. I was losing weight with each use and have managed to get rid of?35 lbs on week 8. Thanks WonderShape for saving my body! - Henry H.

How To Use:

1. Peel off the adhesion on the patch
2. Gently attach to the desired area of your waist or other body parts
3. Applicably use 8 hours?each time for better results

Content: 1 box=12 pcs
Ingredients: Wormwood,?Camphor, Menthol, Ginger

Package Includes:
1 Box/ 2 Box/ 5 Box/ 7 Box/ 10 box x WonderShape Wormwood Waist Patch

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