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Hot Sale - Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray

Hot Sale - Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray

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Fungal infections are common and last for around two to four weeks. Fungi are spore producing organisms, they aren’t plants as they are commonly mistaken as, that thrive on  humid and wet environments. Molds, yeast, and toadstools are 

These wet and enclosed environments (usually in sweaty and not properly dried skin) is a breeding ground for fungal infections.

You can eliminate fungal infections with just a few sprays with the Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray.


George was able to treat his athletes’ foot in just three weeks with the Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray.

-”I have sweaty feet and it’s a breeding ground for infections. My doctor recommended the Anti-fungal Treatment Spray. The itchiness and infection went away in just three months! Now, I can prevent further infections with this spray!”

Bryan was able to eliminate his nail infection in just two weeks with the Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray.

-”Painless, quick, and easy. That’s what I’d describe the entire treatment period. The spray wasn’t irritating or had any strong scent like most sprays, it doesn’t hurt when I spray it on the infected areas, even at close range. I was able to get rid of my toenail infection in just two weeks. It’s easy to use, just wash your hands, give the bottle a little shake, place a few sprays on the infected area, and repeat it until the infection is gone.”


Undecylenic Acid is a common medication used to treat skin fungal infections such as jock itch and athlete’s foot. It is a fatty acid that prevents fungal growth. It is applied around the cuticles of the surrounding infected nail. 

Botanical Extract are scientifically proven to possess antifungal activity. Methanolic extract  has the highest antifungal activity and eliminates 96% of fungi and biomass production. Most plant extracts’ anti-fungal properties target the inhibition of fungal growth. 

With these two effective and potent antifungal ingredients, the Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray creates a safe and potent anti-fungal spray that is applicable for skin and nails. 



“The itchiness and roughness have reduced a bit. That is a relief. I make sure to use this spray regularly.”


“The itchiness and the size of the infection greatly decreased. The infection is still there and I need to use it more. I used three to four pumps everyday after showering. I spray it around the infected area and let it dry so that the spray can take effect.” 

DAY 8 

“The infection has greatly decreased! It’s amazing, the itchiness has subsided significantly. I don’t feel any discomfort throughout the treatment period- and I appreciate that as someone with a low pain tolerance. My doctor recommended using the spray until I don’t see any visible signs of infection.”

DAY 10

“The infection is all gone after around two weeks of continuous use! All that’s left is  smooth skin. The skin that used to be infected is now replaced with new and healthier,  and hydrated skin and nail!”


  • Scientifically Proven- The Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray is made from Undecylenic Acid, a treatment for various skin fungal infection, and Botanical Extract, a powerful fungicide. 
  • Anti-Fungal- Made from Botanicals and Undecylenic Acid, both are powerful medications and extracts responsible for fungicide and inhibits fungal growth.
  • Pain Relief- Experience a pain-free treatment with the Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray.
  • Anti-Inflammatory- Reduce and prevent inflammation and swelling which leads to the less likelihood of the infection aggravating to more severe forms. 
  • Rehydrates Skin- The spray helps hydrate cracking and dry skin. It also provides moisture to the new and healed skin after the treatment period.
  • Odor Free- The Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray boasts an order-free concoction that doesn’t contain any additive scents that would further irritate the infection and impede treatment.


  • Thoroughly wash and dry your feet.
  • Place  3-4  sprays on the skin around the infected area. 
  • Use the spray everyday after taking a shower.
  • Be careful with the direction of the spray, make sure the spray holes are facing the problem areas. 
  • Do not spray on open, bleeding, damaged, and healing wounds. Wash with soap and water immediately.
  • Do not spray on the eyes. Wash your face with water and contact your doctor immediately. 
  • Do not ingest. Contact your doctor immediately. 
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • For external use only.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid storage under high temperatures, direct sunlight, and on direct contact with fire. 


Net Weight: 60ml 

Ingredients: Undecylenic Acid, Botanical Extract

Cosmetic Effects: Anti-Fungal, Hydrating, Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory

Product Applicability: Tinea, Fungal Infections, Nail Infection, Foot Infection 

Applicable Parts: Nail, Foot

Product Form: Liquid

Bottle Type: Push Spray


1x Anti-Fungal Spray

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